Directions on How to Use the SLCSB F.O.R.M.S. Site
·        There are a variety of ways you can find a form on this site.  Each choice for searching for a form can be accessed by simply clicking on the labeled tabs at the top of the page.  The available tabs are as follows:
  • "Forms By Name": By clicking on this link, you will see an alpha listing of forms by name
  • "By Number":  By clicking on this link, you can search by form number.
  • "By Department": By clicking on this link, you can search for a form by department.
  • "Legend": This link defines the meaning of the form number code.
  • "Search": This area allows you to search by any form item, (i.e. Title, Number, etc...).
·        There are typically two kinds of forms available on each form description.  One is the Workflow Version (signified by the words "Database Link" at the end of the Document Title), & the other is the Adobe Acrobat version of the forms (signified by the words "PDF Version" at the end of the Document Title). If you choose the "PDF version", you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view/print the form. A link to the Adobe Acrobat Reader website is located on all form descriptions which require Adobe Acrobat to view/print the form. Just click on the link to download the install program. This is a free program that runs on both the PC and Mac computers.