The Lucie Link/Nominees announced for School District employee recognition programs
Nominees for the four categories of employees honored annually by St. Lucie County Schools have been announced.
Employees have been nominated by their peers in four groups from instructional and non-instructional categories. They include Teacher of the Year, Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year, Outstanding First Year Teacher, and School Related Employee of the Year.
The Teacher of the Year and School Related Employee of the Year nominees for the district will go on to regional consideration for the state award. Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year and Outstanding First Year Teacher awards are local recognitions.
Individual schools and district departments may nominate an employee to recognize their work performance, public service, continuing training or education, and overall contribution to the school district and its mission.
All finalists will be announced at the “Night of the Stars” celebration at Lincoln Park Academy on February 28, 2009, co-sponsored by the school district and the St. Lucie County Education Foundation. The event will be cablecast live on WLX - The St. Lucie County Education Channel beginning at 6:00 PM, Comcast Channels 13 in north St. Lucie County, 19 in southern St. Lucie County, and Hometown Cable Channel 19 in southwest St. Lucie County.

Nominees for 2010 St. Lucie County Teacher of the Year are:

Jane Whitaker Allapattah Flats K-8
Pam Garrity Bayshore Elementary
Karen Koehnlein C.A. Moore Elementary
Margaret Martin Dale Cassens School
Ena Stewart Dan McCarty 3-8 School
Annette Gooden Delaware Avenue School
Charlene Carter Fairlawn Elementary
Mary Moore Floresta Elementary
Katina Demps Barriner Forest Grove Middle
Kerryane Monahan Fort Pierce Central High
Jaclyn Gibbons Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts
Bonnie Lee Fort Pierce Westwood High
Melanie Francisco Frances K. Sweet Elementary
Christina Muto Garden City Early Learning Center
Mandi Brown Lakewood Park Elementary
Kathleen Meyer Lawnwood Elementary
Joan McKinnon Lincoln Park Academy
Thomas Kalament Manatee Academy K-8
Kathleen Guntow Mariposa Elementary
Kelli Putz Morningside Elementary
Dru Dehart Northport K-8
Clarissa Duskin Oak Hammock K-8
Janie Pizzarello Palm Pointe Educational Research School
Erin Monaghan Parkway Elementary
Melody Nieves Port St. Lucie Elementary
Megan Guyer Port St. Lucie High
Mike Fitzgerald Rivers Edge Elementary
Becky Springsteen Samuel Gaines Academy K-8
Courtney Kline St. Lucie Elementary
Debra Messer St. Lucie West Centennial High
Joseph Florio St. Lucie West K-8
Dulce Lynch Savanna Ridge Elementary
Jennifer Flynn Southbend K-8
Lisa Dietderich Southern Oaks Middle
Wanda Galey Southport Middle
Lori Applebee Treasure Coast High School
Jenny Clancy Village Green Elementary
Katie Swiss Weatherbee Elementary
Christopher Sternfels WestGate K-8
Jennifer Broffman White City Elementary
Margaret Choppa Windmill Point Elementary

Nominees for 2009 School Related Employee of the Year are:

Barbara Gonzalez Allapattah Flats K-8
John Britt Bayshore Elementary
Pam McNair Chester A. Moore Elementary
Debbie Wagner Dale Cassens School
Dawn Parker Dan McCarty 3 – 8
Haydian Allen Delaware Avenue
Laurie Pigozzi Fairlawn Elementary
Judy Rotella Floresta Elementary
Juliana Angell Forest Grove Middle
Maribel Lein-Beckham Fort Pierce Central High
Francis Williams Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts
Madelin Pena Fort Pierce Westwood High
Anthony Moore Frances K. Sweet Elementary
Debra Labigang Garden City Early Learning Academy
Cathy Park Lakewood Park Elementary
Carolyn Modine Lawnwood Elementary
Virgiline Davis Lincoln Park Academy
Michelle Hlavsa Manatee K-8 Academy
Victor Ramsaran Mariposa Elementary
B. Jane Coverstone Morningside Elementary
Barbara Wiggins Northport K-8 School
Samantha Hughes Oak Hammock K-8
Eric Henik Palm Pointe Educational Research School
Lynn Lucier Parkway Elementary
Rich Werner Port St. Lucie Elementary
Donna Ney Port St. Lucie High
Nadia Boulogne River Edge Elementary
Doris Follweiler St. Lucie Elementary
Rose Cash St. Lucie West Centennial High
Lori Bieschke St. Lucie West K-8
Amabel Morales Samuel S. Gaines Academy
Jackie McKay Savanna Ridge Elementary
Cindy Castillo Southbend K-8
Ann Dunshee Southern Oaks Middle
Virginia Sabol Southport Middle
Myrie Nembhard Treasure Coast High
Sharon Taverna Village Green Elementary
Maria Alfaro Weatherbee Elementary
Steven Do WestGate K-8
Joan Roberts White City Elementary
Sandy Kent Windmill Point Elementary
Mea Hulme Exceptional Student Education
Reginald Vickers Facilities and Maintenance
Sharon Bell Finance and Accounting
Michelle Dorn Human Resources
Colleen Peterson Information Technology Services
Annette Jackson Superintendent’s Suite
Wyman Burns Transportation

Nominees for 2009 Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year are:

Ortha Gardner Allapattah Flats K-8
Paulette D. Seay-St. Louis Bayshore Elementary
Marelisa Saavedra Chester A. Moore Elementary
Liliana Perez Dale Cassens School
Cicily Morgan Dan McCarty 3-8
Carolyn Johnson Fairlawn Elementary
Lynda Sisto Floresta Elementary
Terrance Barriner Forest Grove Middle
Sharonda Johnson Fort Pierce Central High
Lillian Areatha Martin Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts
Bonnie R. Tillman Fort Pierce Westwood High
Willis Johnson Frances K. Sweet Elementary
Alexandra Laoutas Garden City Early Learning Center
Beyra Tracy Lakewood Park Elementary
Maria Ramkissoon Lawnwood Elementary
George D. Rahming, Jr. Lincoln Park Academy
Edith Malcolm Manatee K-8 Academy
Camelia Lebron Mariposa Elementary
Sandra Tyndale-Harvey Northport K-8
Natalia Gomez Oak Hammock K-8
Michael Garcia Palm Pointe Educational Research School
Janice D. Rivera Parkway Elementary
Dr. Mia Y. Hall Port St. Lucie High
Sophy Vanegas Rivers Edge Elementary
Kisha Hinds St. Lucie Elementary
Randall Hoggard St. Lucie West Centennial High
Marcy Luckey St. Lucie West K-8
Jeffrey Lamar Johnson, Sr. Samuel S. Gaines K-8 Academy
Sharline William Savanna Ridge Elementary
Julie M. Davis Southbend K-8
Ronald Eugene Wright, Jr. Southern Oaks Middle
Tene Francis Southport Middle
Roderick Johnson Treasure Coast High
Actavis McQueen Village Green Elementary
Rebecca Perez Weatherbee Elementary
Chris’Ana Noel-Paul WestGate K-8
Patricia F. Henderson White City Elementary
Rosaida Macias Windmill Point Elementary

Nominees for 2009 Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year are:

Courtney Amber Kennedy Allapattah Flats K-8
Samantha LaCroix Bayshore Elementary
Denise Coyle Chester A. Moore Elementary
Stacy Lane Ousley Dale Cassens School
Amy Scarpello Dan McCarty 3-8
Ashley Randolph Fairlawn Elementary
Elish Mancuso Floresta Elementary
Leah M. Sweat Forest Grove Middle
Darin K. Randall Fort Pierce Central High
Damieon D. Mills Fort Pierce Westwood High
Cynthia Langel Frances K. Sweet Elementary
Melinda D. Robinson Garden City Early Learning Center
R G Lakewood Park Elementary
Courtney Collins Lawnwood Elementary
Mary Beth Fink Lincoln Park Academy
Samuel Mick Manatee Academy
Ashley Coe Mariposa Elementary
Lisa Anne Richetti Northport K-8
Ciara Trabal Oak Hammock K-8
Katherine Hoeg Palm Pointe Educational Research
Christine Ellis Parkway Elementary
Michael Todd Mimnaugh Port St. Lucie High
Patricia Inman Rivers Edge Elementary
Bethany Turner St. Lucie Elementary
Charles Castle St. Lucie West Centennial High
Sara Scheiter St. Lucie West K-8
Micah James Samuel S. Gaines K-8 Academy
Vance Grant Savanna Ridge Elementary
Loryn Black Southbend K-8
Aimee Domazet Southern Oaks Middle
Jessica Camargo Southport Middle
Laura Maloney Treasure Coast High
Rachelle Adreacchio-Miller Village Green Elementary
Maura Lance Weatherbee Elementary
LeAnne Gallick WestGate K-8 School
Pamela M. Bryant Windmill Point Elementary
Published On: 01/19/2009